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About Us

About Us


Our Vision as a vegan apparel brand  is to be a part of a cruelty free world. We are passionate about vegan lifestyle & advocate for animal rights.

We here at Sophia Jazmine vision our vegan clothing line in accordance with a world where love, kindness and fairness is present in every aspect of human life, and our vegan clothing line is a proof of the same.

We are dedicated to giving back through all purchases from our vegan fashion brand. With the purchase of each vegan t-shirt, you will be helping to rescue, house, feed and assist with ongoing veterinarian care for animals at PreetiRang , Charlie’s Acres and Rancho Compasion Sanctuaries.

We think about every impact our vegan clothing line has and it’s with the greater aim of minimizing our environmental footprint. We believe deeply in our vegan purpose and continue to be ourselves and spread vegan message. 

We hope you’ll continue to support our cruelty-free clothing brand to influence a vegan lifestyle, show kindness towards animals and our planet.

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