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How To Have A Vegan Christmas

How To Have A Vegan Christmas

‘Tis the season to save animals.

Christmas is all about compassion and kindness, yet millions of people forget this every December in favor of turkey dinners. What’s that about?

If, like us, you’re preparing for a cruelty-free Christmas, you’ll be pleased to know that celebrating vegan-style doesn’t have to be difficult. It just requires some extra prep.

Here’s our guide to having the best vegan Christmas!

Tell Everyone You’re Celebrating With That You’re Vegan

If you’re celebrating with fellow vegans (the dream), you can skip this step.

However, if you’re celebrating with friends and relatives that still eat meat, eggs and dairy, then it’s a good idea to let them know you’re vegan. Otherwise, you might find yourself seated with a plate of very non-vegan trimmings.

If your host doesn’t already know you’re vegan, giving them a heads up could save a lot of awkwardness.

Find Tasty Vegan Christmas Recipes

Traditional Christmas dinners aren’t exactly vegan-friendly, so you’ll need to be a little more creative in the kitchen.

If someone else is cooking for you, get prepared by sharing a list of non-vegan ingredients to avoid. You could also suggest some tasty vegan recipes or offer to cook meat-free alternatives yourself.

Top tips: Swap turkey for nut loaf or vegan wellington, cook your roast potatoes in vegetable oil and use mushrooms to give your gravy that extra bit of flavor!

Bring Vegan Supplies for Every Christmas Tradition

Just because you’re vegan, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on your favorite Christmas traditions! You just need to find a way to veganize them.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend Christmas evening sitting around the fire drinking eggnog or baking gingerbread; with a little forward-thinking, you’ll be able to find vegan alternatives that taste even better.

Just remember – the best things in life are vegan!

Offer Vegan Gift Ideas for People Who Don’t Know What to Buy You

For some people, veganism feels like an alien concept. It’s not on their radar and they just don’t understand it.

This means you could end up going home from Christmas with a bunch of gifts that you can’t and won’t use, like a cashmere sweater or cosmetics that have been tested on animals.

Avoid this by offering vegan-friendly suggestions to the gift-givers in your life. Show them the vegan apparel brands you like. Ask for gift certificates for vegan restaurants. Name drop your favorite vegan candy.

This will make the holidays much less stressful.

Buy Vegan Gifts for Everyone You Know

Celebrate compassion this year with ethical, vegan gifts.

Sharing vegan gifts will encourage your loved ones to embrace veganism – and it means you won’t need to spend money on gifts that don’t align with what you believe in.

The vegans in your life will also love and appreciate cruelty-free presents. Why not surprise them with one of our badass crop hoodies or slogan tees? We’ve got a whole range to choose from.

Have a Merry Vegan Christmas with Sophia Jazmine!

Have yourself a merry vegan Christmas with our ethical, sustainable and 100% vegan apparel line. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or relative or you’re treating yourself this holiday season, we’ve got you!

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