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8 Non-Vegan Materials to Avoid

Tyler Hope

Ready to shop for comfortable, ethical and sustainable vegan apparel? Hell. F******. Yeah.

Filling your wardrobe with cruelty-free apparel doesn’t have to be difficult! All you need to do is:

1. Check out our range of super comfortable vegan clothing. Seriously, you’ll love it!

2. Avoid these eight non-vegan materials next time you go shopping:

Eight non-vegan materials to avoid


You probably already know that leather isn’t vegan, but annoyingly it can be difficult to avoid. It’s like the milk powder of the clothing world – brands sneak it into everything. Make sure you’re extra vigilant when buying jackets, shoes and accessories and look for faux-leather labels.

P.S. Leather isn’t the only industry killing cows and their babies. Ditch dairy today and tell the world with our Ditch Dairy T-Shirt!


Like leather, suede is made from animal skin. It’s usually produced from the skin of pigs, lambs and goats and is used to make shoes and bags. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Reptile leather

What is it with people wearing animal skin? Reptile leather comes from the skin of crocodiles, snakes and lizards and, like all of these materials, is sourced cruelly and inhumanely. It’s a big no from us.


There are a lot of misconceptions about wool. Just because sheep aren’t always killed for their wool, that doesn’t make it vegan. Wool shearing is painful and traumatic – and animals aren’t ours to exploit. There are so many cruelty-free wool alternatives to choose from, so keep checking those labels and supporting vegan companies!


Putting an expensive price tag on something doesn’t make it cruelty-free. There’s nothing luxurious about the way cashmere (goat’s wool) is sheared and collected. This is another non-vegan material to ditch right away.


Think angora sweaters are cute? Think again. Angora wool is ripped from the skin of rabbits that are kept in tiny cages and filthy conditions. Let’s leave these poor bunnies alone.


There’s no doubt that the fur industry is one of the most inhumane. It’s responsible for the torture and death of billions of animals, including rabbits, mink, foxes, seals and dogs. What’s so frustrating about fur is that even lots of faux-fur clothes aren’t cruelty-free, which is why it’s really important to only buy from PETA-approved stores.

Angry at the fur industry? We’ve got you. Say it loud and clear with our Vegan Activist T-Shirt!


Let’s avoid any product that uses feathers, period. There’s not a single jacket or comforter in the world that’s worth the pain ducks go through when having their feathers pulled out.

Love animals? Shop our 100% vegan apparel range today

So, there we have it; here are eight materials to avoid when shopping for vegan clothing.

The worst thing about this list is that it’s not exhaustive. There are still lots of materials that we’ll never consider cruelty-free – but avoiding these is a start!

Luckily, when you shop at Sophia Jazmine, you don’t need to worry about checking labels. Our clothing range is 100% vegan, ethical and sustainable.

It’s vegan apparel for the rebels. The activists. The athletes. The people who go hard to protect animals.

When you shop our vegan clothing range, 15% of your order will also go straight to one of our chosen animal sanctuaries!

So, what are you waiting for?

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