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How to Have a Vegan Christmas

How to have a vegan christmas ‘Tis the season to save animals… Christmas is all about compassion and kindness, yet millions of people forget this every December in favor of turkey dinners. What’s that about? If, like us, you’re preparing for a cruelty-free Christmas, you’ll be pleased to know that celebrating vegan-style doesn’t have to […]

8 Non-Vegan Materials to avoid

8 Non-Vegan Materials to Avoid Ready to shop for comfortable, ethical and sustainable vegan apparel? Hell. F******. Yeah. Filling your wardrobe with cruelty-free apparel doesn’t have to be difficult! All you need to do is: 1. Check out our range of super comfortable vegan clothing. Seriously, you’ll love it! 2. Avoid these eight non-vegan materials […]

Why to Smoke Trees and Not Meat!

I remember attending a march downtown L.A. a few years back. It was called the “March of silence” and would be the first of many events I would attend along this journey. I said to my other half, this would be a small intimate crowd. It may been around 15 to 25 people. Fast forward, […]

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